Meet Our Team

  • John Danko, B.Com.

    John Danko is an entrepreneur who is passionate about animals. He is the founder and president of Ani-Mobility Inc, a company that makes wheelchairs for pets. The company was started because John's own dog Sullivan had benefited from the use of one of Ani-Mobility's wheelchairs. Find John at Arrowwood Animal Hospital on Saturday's!

  • Cassy Charette, R.A.H.T.

    I  am a registered animal health technologist. I graduated from Red River Collage in 2008. I began working casually at Arrowwood Animal Hospital in August 2014. I also work at the Animal Emergency hospital and have been there since 2009, being on emergency has allowed me to build and strengthen my skills as a technologist. 

    I enjoy working with animals and when I'm not at work I have my own furry family to come home to every day. I have 3 lovely little Shih-Tzu's and 2 indoor cats. I also have 2 outdoor/porch kitty's who like to keep an eye on the yard. I have a large property just outside the city that gives them a safe place to hunt.

  • Jayme Butler
    Veterinary Assistant.

    I will be attending Red River College next Fall to complete the Animal
    Health Technologist course. I started at Arrowwood as a volunteer in 2018,
    and I now work here as a veterinary assistant. Working here is an amazing
    opportunity and gives me a chance to start building a skill set for my

    I have always had a passion for animals. My family and I have rescued many
    animals that have been a very important part of my life.

  • Kristina Payne
    Veterinary Assistant

    Hello my name is Kristina and I began working at Arrowwood animal hospital last year in September. I have two dogs who I hold very close to my heart. I am also currently working towards becoming an Animal Health Technologist which will take place at Red River college. When I was a little girl I always shared a special connection towards animals, and that’s when I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. 

    I am looking forward to the exciting journey ahead and I am thankful of having the opportunity to be working at Arrowwood animal hospital. Working at this clinic has been one of the best parts of my journey. I am excited to soon further my passion of caring for animals! Animals have already been one of the biggest parts of my life. I am happy to be given so many opportunities to help me with my career of becoming a RVT.