Vaccine Policy

Vaccines are necessary to  prevent serious diseases in dogs and cats, however no vaccine is completely  effective or  free of potential side effects. Such side effects usually are limited to immediate or delayed allergic reactions to the vaccine. More rarely acute anaphylactic reactions can occur and vaccines have also been associated with development of autoimmune diseases in pets..

 It is therefore  important to develop an individual vaccine protocol for your pet, maximizing protection against the diseases your pet is likely to be exposed to while using the safest  and fewest vaccines possible. 

To help determine your pet's requirement for revaccination we can also submit a blood sample to a reference laboratory to measure your pet's antibody level or titre. In some pets antibody levels may remain protective for several years. 

Our current vaccine recommendations are based on up-to-date research and on the incidence of various diseases in our area.  During your pet's exam we will ask you questions so that we can assess your pet's individual risk, based on his/her lifestyle, and then design a customized vaccine protocol.  This can be modified as needed when that lifestyle changes, so be sure to let us know so we can keep your pet protected.